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Nature Buddies (Age 3)
Programs: Winter Animals, Birds of a Feather, Lions, Tigers and Bears, OH MY! & My Spring Robin

Lil Explorers (Ages 4-5)
Programs: Winter Survival, Helping our Animal Friends, Forest Friends, How does Your Garden Grow & Hiking Tikes

Grō - A Natural Education Space


Children today spend increasing amounts of their time engaged in indoor (and often screen-focused) activities. This results in a “nature deficit” for many of our kids who enjoy less time interacting with nature and miss opportunities to benefit from the positive developmental impacts of time spent outdoors in a natural setting.

Offering natural education classes, spring and summer camp offerings, and a nature-based preschool, the new Grō Natural Education Space at Long Park is a truly unique indoor/outdoor learning environment. The greatest education asset of this facility lies in the 230 acres of parkland and 4.5+ miles of trails surrounding the repurposed building, including outdoor classroom and activity areas.

Our Grō programs give children the opportunity to connect with, explore and learn through interaction with the natural world, harnessing the physical, emotional, social and academic benefits associated with outdoor play.

Winter Programs - Age 3

Nature Buddies


Winter Animals

Jan 9-Jan 23 / Wed 1-3pm / $36

Wear your warmest winter clothes as we venture into the lives of our Animal friends in winter. Learn about hibernation, migration and helping the animals that spend their winter in Haymarket. There will be stories, games, crafts and lots of outdoor play, as we learn about animals in winter.

Birds of a Feather

Feb 6 – 20 / Wed 1-3pm / $36

Come join us as we fly high above Haymarket, looking for interesting birds and learning about their habits. We’ll share photos, books, songs, play games, experiments and crafts as we journey through the eyes of our feathered friends. We’ll even make a bird feeder to share with your family and animal friends.

Lions, Tigers and Bears, OH MY!

Mar 6 – 20 / Wed 1-3pm / $36

Use your imagination as we discover the wonders of big animals. This class will dive deep into the wild with special focus on lions, tigers, bears and other large mammals with stories, games, experiments, and crafts.

My Spring Robin

Apr 3 – 10 / Wed 1-3pm / $24

We’re watching for signs of the robins’ return from their long winter migration. It’s a sure sign that Spring is coming. The days are getting longer. We’ll search for other indications that Spring is right around the corner. It’s time to start those seedlings. I wonder who’s in the egg? Join us for stories, games, crafts and lots of outdoor fun.

Winter Programs - Ages 4-5

Lil Explorers


Winter Survival

Jan 8-Jan 24 / Tue & Thurs 1-3pm / $71

Wear your warmest winter clothes as we learn about what wildlife and people do to survive the cold winds of winter. We will learn about hibernation, migration and the ways our local animal friends and people prepare for winter. What would you do if you found yourself trapped in a snow storms. Let’s construct a shelter big enough for us! Our adventure will include stories, crafts, science and lots of outdoor fun.

Helping our Animal Friends

Feb 5 – 21 / Tue & Thurs 1-3pm / $71

What happens to the our local animals when they don’t hibernate or migrate to warmer places? Who is left behind? We will hike in search of animal tracks, scat, rubbings and other signs of critters in winter. We’ll read “A Stranger in the Woods” and lean how to help our animal friend make it until the robins return in the spring. Participants will make their own identification card to carry on the trail, as well as, a bird feeder to share with our family, other crafts, stories, games and science.

Forest Friends

Mar 5 – 21 / Tue & Thurs 1-3pm / $71

Meet Mr. Wide Mouth Frog, then "hop" through the forest learning about the animals that live in all its layers. Our adventures will include stories, crafts, experiments and a lot more outdoor fun.

How does Your Garden Grow

Apr 2 – 11 / Wed 1-3pm / $47

Spring is almost here and it’s time to start those seedlings. We’ll hike to search for signs of spring. We’ll learn about parts of the plant and all of the things seeds need to grow into healthy plants. Let’s read “One Bean”, play some silly games, build a garden site in the park to attract birds and bugs. We’ll even build a planter and plant our own seeds to cultivate at home. It’s fun to get dirty.

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