Lake Ridge Park Golf & Marina
12350 Cotton Mill Dr. Woodbridge, VA
Phone: 703-494-5564

Lake Ridge Park has 73 acres of pristine woodlands on the bank of the Occoquan Reservoir. Lake Ridge Park has 4 outdoor wooden pavilions, 2 outdoor tent pavilions and the 9 hole Par 3 golf course as well as an 18 hole mini golf course.


Latitude 38 (Ages 5 - 14)

Come hike our woods, walk in our streams, and fish and paddle in our lake! Enjoy scavenger hunts, learn new survival skills, and take great field trips, all while being
introduced to the all important “Leave No Trace” principles! Each week, our age groups will enjoy one common theme but will learn and experience the theme in
completely different ways. Each group will swim at Tall Oaks Pool and go on a field trip outside the park each week. (More Information)

Come Grow With Us

DISCOVERERS Planting Seeds of Discovery
(AGES 5-7)
(Must have attended Kindergarten)
Discover what is “beyond your backyard”! Come on a journey and find out which animals and insects live in trees? What are the different trees
and plants that live within the forest? What bird is singing the tune?

EXPLORERS Feed the Exploring Mind (AGES 8 - 10)
Independent learning starts here! You’re old enough now to experience more on your own. Let our counselors guide you in your exploration of fishing, hiking, paddling, geocaching, wilderness survival, and more!

CHALLENGERS Cultivating a Higher Degree of Challenge (AGES 11 - 14)
Are you ready for the challenge? Come and cultivate your skills while learning about nature and the outdoors as you practice your geocache skills, take day-long paddling trips, build campfires, cook outdoors. *Note: We will be offering 5 of our weeks as more advanced wilderness camps, which will also feature special field trips and an over-night campout. (More Information)

Magic Camp (Ages 8 - 14)

World famous magician Nefre, Queen of Magic, will teach the art of illusion using ordinary materials from around the house, to perform extraordinary feats! Come
learn The Art of Illusion and the Science of Magic. Four levels of Magic: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Master.. (More Information)

ECO Camp (Ages 8 - 10)

Explore our natural surroundings in our Federal, State and County parks. We will wade through the many creeks, streams, lakes and rivers seeking the plants and
animals that call these habitats home. Come prepared to fish, hike, and possibly get wet and muddy while having tons of fun.
(More Information)
Paddling Camp (Ages 10 - 14)

Learn about the history and ecology of the Occoquan Reservoir, and how we
make an impact. Paddle tandem kayaks, kayaks and canoes. Learn safety and
rescue skills.
(More Information)

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