Grō - A Natural Education Space
Offering Natural Education Classes and a Nature-Based Preschool.

Grō Preschool (Ages 3-5)
This program is designed to support and enrich each child’s development.

Grō - A Natural Education Space


Children today spend increasing amounts of their time engaged in indoor (and often screen-focused) activities. This results in a “nature deficit” for many of our kids who enjoy less time interacting with nature and miss opportunities to benefit from the positive developmental impacts of time spent outdoors in a natural setting.

Offering natural education classes, spring and summer camp offerings, and a nature-based preschool, the new Grō Natural Education Space at Long Park is a truly unique indoor/outdoor learning environment. The greatest education asset of this facility lies in the 230 acres of parkland and 4.5+ miles of trails surrounding the repurposed building, including outdoor classroom and activity areas.

Our Grō programs give children the opportunity to connect with, explore and learn through interaction with the natural world, harnessing the physical, emotional, social and academic benefits associated with outdoor play.


Education Programs - Ages: Pre-K 4 & 5yr olds

Nature Preschool at GRO


Our State Licensed Nature Preschool at GRO will provide a supportive, safe learning experience to encourage discovery, question asking, and experimentation.  Using both indoor and outdoor classrooms, our nature preschool will be filled with sensory experiences, natural objects, artifacts, trail activities and art materials so that students will have the opportunity to utilize all five senses.
Our curriculum will be enhanced by the nature experience, but will also be geared to developing cognitive growth, motor skills and problem solving through hands on learning.


All preschool staff at both locations are highly trained and meet or exceed state licensing requirements pertaining to education, experience, safety certifications as well as background checks.  Our facilities and programs are inspected by State Licensing twice per year.


Registration will open on Monday December 7th  There is a $45 non-refundable registration fee required at the time of enrollment.  Our preschool program utilizes ePact to collect necessary participant information and forms.  All required paperwork and information must be fully completed and submitted prior to your child entering the program.  Child must meet entrance age requirements by Sept 30, 2020.  Copies of Physical Exam, Immunization Record, Child Verification (Birth Certificate or other documents must be verified by staff) before child can enter into the program.  Registration must be completed annually (physical exam must be within the last year)


  1. Parents can ONLY register their preschool-aged child by calling:
    Jane England at (703) 792-8320.  Online registration is not available.


For more information on the Nature Preschool at GRO, contact Jane England at [email protected]

Pre-K 4 & 5yr olds





  • January 4; $166

    February 1; $261

    March 1; $238

    April 2; $238 (monthly program)


9:00 am - 12:00 noon


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